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When in Europe?


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Hello Guys and overall Girls!! I hope you're fine!! 8)

I come from a very important country where the capital is the European capital: Brussels.  ;D

It's sure that we are known as a one of the best european public support. ::)

I am a fan of the GUNS from my 11 years and now I am 24 years old : and never I had the possibility to see them. :-[

In fact, I was too young in 92'. And after I was sure that GUNS had disapeared. :-/

So, I just heard about a tour in Canada and United States. I just did go on the net to know more about. And also, I read that in the end of august they were in London.  ???

So, WHEN THE GUNS WILL BE IN EUROPE: france, germany, belgium.....Because if they are in Europe: certainly they will be in Brussels or Belgium. ;D

If someone knows about the Europe Tour: Thank you!! :D

PS: to the poor croatian fan: Me too, I would like to see them and I couldn't for the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

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Only the American leg of the tour is scheduled at the moment. It's running until January. After that the album should be out in February or March, and hpefully a world tour (including Belgium and Britain!) will follow shortly after. I don't know what's gonna happen obviously, but that seems most likely to me.

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there should be a tour for sure after CD... According to axl, they will continue to tour until at least a 2nd album is released, so i reckon we will have another UYI tour again! that goes for 2 years or so!

Then they can come to australia! YEAH!

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