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Anagram Of Oral Sex

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While listening to Home Grown (a Radio station for local Minnesota music) they did a mention of a band called Metallagher. A Metallica cover band fronted by Gallagher. So I though to myself this cannot be true but low and behold after some online searching it is.

Metallagher... the way Metallica is supposed to be.

Metallica songs played with front man Gallagher.

Imagine being pummelled in the face with chunks of watermelon while Master of Puppets is filling your ears.

See what its like to listen to The Four Horsemen while Gallagher roller skates around the stage.

osh to Blackened while Gallagher chases you in a motorized desk.

Best Idea ever. Im planning to see them in June at the 7th Street Station, it should be good.

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