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Thanks for your help GNR Fans!


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Michael Deeds who writes for the Idaho Statesman, gave a crappy review of GNR's 11-11-02 show.  I asked you guys to write him and tell him what you thought of his POS review and you did.  Now he is whinning about that and here is what was published today in a tid bit/ entertainment section of there website:


• My e-mail box is bulging with nearly 100 profanity-laced tirades in reaction to my G N´ R concert review. Many are from out-of-state and foreign fans who did not attend the show. Here´s the prototype, sans grammatical errors, typos and threats of physical violence: "(Bleep) you, you (bleep)-ing (bleep)-hole. Shove a potato up your (bleep). G N´ R will rule the world again, (bleep)-er."


here is the link to the entire article.  My brother works security for the Idaho Center and this little newspaper punk is not liked by the staff.  For the record everyone i've talked to, one week after the show says they either loved it, or that it was the best show they had  ever seen!  

Thanks for giving Michael Deeds a little crap for all of us, and if you feel like dropping him a line again, by all means knock yourselves out!



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