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Aerosmith: Fanclub thread


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Aerosmith is one of my favoruite bands, they have always made great music, contrary to what people say about them making shit music after the 70s. They were the first band i got to see in concert and i loved every minute of it. Stephen tyler is the defintion of a frontman.

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Did anybody get the you gotta move dvd. I didnt think it was all that great

I dont like the continuous shots of the broads in the audience, bumping and grinding to every song.

I found the sound a bit dodgy too.

and the way that the interviews interupt the damn songs! <_<

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Aerosmith is, in my opinion, ust the best band ever!!!

GNR music is based on Aerosmith 70's rock n' roll and tons of bands are and have been inspired in their music.

It's been more than 30 years of rock n' roll (and counting) and Aero have gone thru all the shitty music trends, converting and experimenting... but always with the same bluesy hard base, that's unique.

Go Aerosmith baby!!! rock4

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So Aerosmith are a poor man's Rolling Stones, even though the Stones were around before Aerosmith?

Good one

Yeah but im sure alot of people on this board prefer gnr to the rolling stones. Sometimes a band comes around and makes others seem inferior hence rolling stones being a poor man's aerosmith. You got it the wrong way around in your post.

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