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A bad review for Minnesota


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By a fan of course..holydiver you should...like/dislike this one.....


    I just went to the Minneapolis show and it was one of the worst shows I have seen in a long time.It is Axl's traveling road show,not Guns n Roses.I understand it is the beginning of the tour but get a new sound guy.The whole time it sounded as if Axl was not supposed to be heard,the sound mix was terrible.If his voice is that bad he should not be on tour.The band is a cover band who got lucky to have Axl as their lead singer.The magic that was once there is gone.I hope some day we get to see the real GNR.Funny how you need three guitar players to cover up for two.It was not good,just bad bad bad.

another one on the same thread.......

posted by ryanb964

Hey guys, I was at last nights show. I sat on the sound engineers side, and Axl gave him some serious glares all night. But I thought that the whole music side was the best live quality I've ever heard. But Axl's mic cut out a couple of his words once in a while. But you heard him 99.7% of the time. And for that fan that was dissing the show, screw her, about 12,000 other people at the show would tell her different, almost everyone the whole time was on their feet. All you fans will find out when you get to see them for yourself, for me, I'm going to see them again tonight in Fargo. When people give bad reviews, screw em, they have no idea what they are talking about.



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Right on G-Face......She was apparently at another show. Sure, there were very occasional mic problems, but the show rocked.  The original GNR would have made it the perfect show, but I'll take what I can get after waiting 11 years for a tour.  Axl is still the man and still has the pipes; everyone who said he as out of shape and couldn't hold a note have to realize it takes time for a vocalist of Axl's intensity to get back into shape and recondition himself after so many years of not touring in a very physical show.  You can tell although he is getting a little older.  Either way, he will continue to be the most outstanding frontman of his generation.

As for the setlist; I was impressed to hear Rocket Queen, something they don't do live very often.  The new tracks came off pretty good; getting psyched to hear them on the album.  Lighting/Pyro was good, although ther were a couple of times there were problems the the truss lighting near the beginning of the show.

I'm not saying the new band is great, or they can replace the originals, (this is coming from a fan who believes nobody can hold a candle to the originals), but they are good musicians and can rock pretty hard, even though they didn't write99% of them.

I'm still tyring to figure out what the deal is with Buckethead....can anyone help me out?  Ok, I can understand the playing, he's OK, but not a Slash, playing technically well, but lacking any soul.  And what the fuck is with the crazy alien/robot/kabuki dance and the nunchaku thing?????  Whatever happened to playing like a fucking madman as the person you are, not some freak gimmick.  If I met a guy buying a buckethead record, I'd probably throttle the bastard. (sorry; anger and frustration) Robin Finck's solos were hard to listen to.  Sounded like he just started playing last week.  Also, he sucked all the life out of Sweet Child.  Could've been a good one to let loose, but it fell kinda flat.  Fortus was solid, and Stinson's playing was soulful.  The drummer(what'shisname) Did his job well, and did some interesting improvisations along the way in places that seemed very natural without screwing up the vibe and rhythmn of the tune.  Dizzy and the other keyboardist filled in nicely.  Dizzy did a nice job on the piano for the 2nd new tune from the new album.

I gotta say, I'm still a little in the dark about everying  with the new band, but I'm willing to give it an honest try ( again coming from a stubborn original fan)

I know it is probably impossible to hold out hope for a reunion (please God,please), but I will take Axl and the music any way I can get them.  

GNFR Forever

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minnesota setlist...i copied this from another post

1. Welcome To The Jungle There was no Do you know where the fuck you are?  You're in the jungle baby wake up, its time to die  à Pretty standard WTTJ

2. It's So Easy Straight into ISE from Jungle.

3. Mr. Brownstone

4. Live And Let Die. Pyrotechnics start in this song.  Finck put on a black shiny helmet during LALD.

5. Think About You

6. Knockin On Heaven's Door. They actually started You Could Be Mine real shortly, but quit to play KOHD instead.  Before KOHD, Axl says something like Balls of molten steel.  During the song, someone throws a bra up on stage.  Axl swings it around a couple of times before throwing it back into the crowd.

7. You Could Be Mine With Pyrotechnics.  Finck is amazing in this song.  If you're going to a show, watch him close.  After YCBM is over, Axl says Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Robin Finck.

8. Finck Solo

9. Sweet Child O Mine Always the crowd pleaser.

10. Out Ta Get Me  Some asshole threw a beer cup at Axl and hit him dead on.  Axl, calmly handled the situation.  Fuck you asshole in the middle of the song.  He put the beer cup down and ignored it.  After the song, he says I mean seriously, who throws a fucking bottle.

11. Rocket Queen

12. Axl talks about the history of Nightrain, Rocket Queen, and Don't Cry.  Axl said Nightrain was fun to write.  Just lyrics like one for you two for me were fun to write.  Rocket Queen (if I remember) is about someone in a band Axl knew.  He and her would switch and trade clothes.  He said it was easier to write and you're a rocket queen than and I'm a rocket queen because he was the one wearing the women's clothes.  He also said he got the name from an English Harley Davidson.  When he said Don't Cry the crowd cheered, but he said We're not playing that.  Don't Cry is apparently about Izzy's girlfriend (Yes, he mentioned Izzy) who became Axl's girlfriend who became Rocket Queen's girlfriend.  Then Axl whispered something to Tommy.  Tommy whispered something back.  Axl said Yeah, okay, we're gonna need a piano.

13. Piano Solo

14. November Rain. With a shower of sparks.  Buckethead was missing from the first part of NR, because he was having trouble keeping his mask on.  He was having trouble the whole night.

15. Before Madagascar, Axl says My name is Fat Bastard and these are the Yes men.

16. Madagascar Played beautifully.  The solo was closer to Rio's version.  The same imagery as VMA's, except during the solo there were Martin Luther King Jr. shots.  There was also an unidentified girl near the end.

17. Axl introduces Buckethead found a man in a chicken coop

18. Buckethead nunchuka/robot dance and then Star Wars Theme/Solo.  Buckethead starts to play a rotation of three notes, and then stops playing.  But the music does not stop.  The pre-recorded three notes keep going as Buckethead went behind the left stair of the stage to pull out a Christmas bag.  He threw out gifts to the crowd, gifts such as a Barbie dolls.

19. My Michelle

20. The Blues

21. Chinese Democracy with pyrotechnics.  Here's something interesting the lyrics are changed from It don't really matter, gonna find out for yourself to It don't really matter, I guess I'll find out for myself.  Minor difference, but weird.  I don't know if that has been mentioned before.

22. Band Introductions, in this order:  Pitman, Dizzy, Tommy (Ax mentions its his homecoming), Brain, Fortus, Finck, and Buckethead.

23. Axl says We will be coming back very soon with a shitload of new songs.  Until then you just need a little patience.

24. Patience

25. Nightrain Buckethead is incredible in this song.  If you are going to a show, watch him here.

26. Finck Solo

27. Paradise City with pyrotechnics, shower of sparks, fireworks, and confetti.  Buckethead fell down here, but continued playing and got back up.  There were some sound problems at the beginning of the song, but a roadie quickly switched microphones with Axl.

hope this is what you wanted

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g-face for example you see that in every bad review they mention how axl doesn't sound loud enough. also these ones mention the bad sound mix, so it's not hard to understand that actually axl's voice is probably ok ,only that they have some shitty engineer, cause i can't believe they don't have good equipment .. that's what bad reviews are good about .. you can distinct what is true and false ;)

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