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So....any fans around here?If there is post your opinion 'bout them.

I think that they're great,Coverdale is the best European voice,and their albums kick some fuckin ass.Can't wait for new one (live & studio)

Fav. albums:

1.Slip Of The Tongue (1989)

2.Restless Heart (1997)

3.Readt An' Willing (1980)

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1987 - Shit hot album it has Still of the night,Here I go again 87 version and your gonna break my heart again. :drevil:

I think whitesnake are a phenomenal band who get a bit overlooked because Coverdale was a singer for Deep Purple at one point. If you dont know much of them then getting a greatest hits would be the best idea as the early 80's stuff is a bit different to the later, the later being better in my oppinion. :drevil:

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I heard a couple of songs from them, i like what i heard... could you like post a bunch of songs that you think are the best of them, so i can make a cd of them.

Slow N' Easy,Slide It In,Love Ain't No Stranger (Slide It In)

Cryin',Too Many Tears,Restless Heart (Restless Heart)

Fool For Your Loving (Slip Of The Tongue & Ready An' Willin')

Now You Are Gone,Sailing ships,The Deeper The Love,Cheap N' Nasty (Slip Of The Tongue)

Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Snakebite)

Straight For The Heart,Here I Go Again,Bad Boys,Children Of The Night (Whitesnake 1987)

Wine,Woman&Song (Ready An' Willin')

I think that'll do for the start :D

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