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Bleed Like Me

Appetite 4 Axl

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Has anyone bought this album?

Actually I haven't picked it up yet but I plan on it soon.

"Why Do You Love Me" is such a good song. The lyrics are pretty simple and stuff but I love it and the video is kickass.

I've always been a fan of Garbage since they toured with No Doubt and I saw them live. I definitley want to see them again when they tour. They sound great live. ;)

Btw. anyone see them perform live on Fuse? It was amazing.

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Yeah, I got the new album album along with Version 2.0 last week. Man, it is such a musically challenging and yet misty album. Bad Boyfriend is such a Mcfrougal kick ass track (Dave Grohl drums on it) and Happy Home is so awe inspiring. Yeah, that Fuse show was great. I recorded it and everytime I re-watch it a feel of satisfaction runs through my veins.

Oh btw (random fact), Shirley was actually dragged out of a Washington D.C. concert about half a month ago for flashing the audience and pullin' her dress down. (something of that extent) I think it's gonna be used for the future Sex Is Not The Enemy video but I'm not sure....

Such an orgasmic band and lead woman. :wub:

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Talkin' about Garbage.......here's a lil' thing I made featuring our two favorite redheads :D :


Woah that looks awesome.

Yeah sorry I didn't know you had already made a thread.

I bought the album! But I didn't get a good chance to sit down and listen to it yet, even though I've been playing it in my car. Once I get a good feel for it I'll report back cuz you all care so much. :D

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