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band you would like to see live but never have?


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GNR (old gnr)

AC/DC (im really hoping to go see them when they tour after this album)

Alice Cooper

Pink Floyd (both pre and post the wall)

Sabbath (ozzy era)





Judas Priest


Rolling Stones


yes theres about 8 bands on that list i can actually see....if some reunions happen

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Guns N' Roses

I like how you claimed I was a newbie who knew 5 Guns N' Roses songs, but I actually have points on you. I've seen Guns N' Roses and you haven't. Haha!!!!


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Guest katie

guns n roses, morrissey...but he is solo, and also i would like to see a baroque (sp) orchestra....don't know why but it would be an experience

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The Rolling Stones



Joe Grusshkey and the House Rockers

Judas Priest

Motley Crue

The Rolling Thunder Review

John Fogerty or Creedence Clearwater Revival (either one)

Adler's Appetite

As much as Velvet Revolver were good a while ago, I've rescently discovered that Contraband has 0 staying power. I listened to it for the first time in months a few days ago, and couldn't understand why I liked it so much. It blows you away the first few times a while ago, after almost a year, I can't listen to it a full time through. I'm not too upset that I haven't seen them. GNR...meh. The new band is mediocre. I'd go see any of them solo, as they're a bunch of really great musicians, but as Guns N Roses, they take the piss. A reunion tour, I'd go see. But this bunch of putzes would just make me depressed over what Guns N Roses used to be.

NOTE: Just thought I'd get that outa the way before people jump on me for not mentioning VR or GNR

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Guns n' Roses ('old' GnR if I had to choose)


Led Zeppelin

Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones (although I've been to Ronnie Wood's house party where he jammed for a bit rock3 )


The Sex Pistols

David Bowie



Red Hot Chili Peppers

Adlers Appertite - I had the chance to as they were playing at the Underworld in Camden-but I had too much work to do :fuckyou:

Loads more-can't think of any now.

I've seen Velvet Revolver rock4

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