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Download radio promo (Boston)


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Download this guys compliments from Mr Lucs from www.GunnerTemple.com and thanks to John M! from www.gnrontour.com


There has been alot of controversy on other forums to whether Chinese Democracy and The Blues (in this demo) are studio versions or not!

Personally after listening many many times i think they might be!

First off i though nup no.. no way.. after listening closer i really think that both of them arnt live versions!

*Runs back to other forums for the reasons*

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At first i thought that The Blues was from Leeds! Then i said...

OK sorry im taking back what i said about the blues version because it isnt like leeds... what im gonna do now may name no sense to some.. but try n follow

In the scream axl goes:

Aaaahhh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhh.... then sorta continues it and adds in Ah ah ah ah then kicks back into Aaaahhh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhh

In all the other version of this song i have it doesnt do that.... Sorry if that made no sense! ;D

Ohh and it has that mad solo over axl's screaming!

AND when listening to the CD opening riff it has nothing in the backround... its JUST guitar!

Also at the start of the Advertisment we here Bells n ticking and childrens voices (if u listen carefully) So this might be an intro to one of the songs!

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Dude there is no way that is live.  There is just screaming in the background.  Listen to AXL's voice, it doesn't even sound like that on any of the bootlegs.  And the blues has this second guitar riff screechin when axl is howling, which isn't in the live stuff.  And madagascar, his voice is different.  Open your ears, there is no way that is live.  That is studio clips with people screaming in the background.  Why would they just put a studio version of the opening riff of Democracy?  no way.  


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Who gives a crap if its live or not ?  :-/ Even if they are studio recorded theres no need to break out a party - woohoo we have heard 10 seconds of Axls studio work!  :-/

Until the album actually comes out, I'm just gonna focus on hearing solo projects - Nine Inch Nails, Buckethead, Perfect, Primus etc. It's still new music featuring the new GNR members, maybe it'll give me a taste of what is too come - certainly more of a taste then that radio promo!

[Oh and by the way - history is not going to be re-written  ;D]

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