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What shall i buy next?


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les pual definatley, you can save later for the amp, in the meanwhile you can play with other amps, but for sure go with lp first, notn more satysfying that framing the certificate and hanging it on your wall and feel the gain through your bones and glide through the oil-massaged neck and everything that comes with a lp

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get an edwards les paul from japan for $700 new. i like mine better then every gibson I've played besides a pre-historic r9 at guitar center once.

that way you'll have a real good headstart on getting a jcm 800.

although i could understand if you REALLY want a gibson. they're nice guitars and if you have your heart set on a gibson go for it.

i would personally try out a bunch of les pauls and if you can't find a magic one after visiting all the guitar stores then i'd go with a used jcm 800 on ebay because amps don't vary too much from amp to amp.

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It depends on what you want to do. Are you going to be playing shows any time soon? If you're going to be doing gigs, I would definitely go with the amp first. That Marshall MG series is terrible. If you're just starting out and want some decent equipment, it doesn't matter which way you go.

*Actually, I would recommend getting the amp first either way. That MG series is absolute shit. Your Epi will sound 1000 times better through a decent amp.

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epiphone les paul what ??? Standard or custom ???

Dood i got an epiphone custom, and i run it through my jcm 2000 tsl602 and the tone fucking rocks. Its so sweet. If i was you i would go for a jcm 800, but you probably dont need it. A tsl combo will do the trick, it puts out, and you can save yourself alot of cash!!! Not worth getting a stack unless your doing real big gigs ;|

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