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Motley Crue AUS tour


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Whose going to see them when they come to australia in early december ??

One of my mates from school told me tickets will be $165 for vodafone arena!!!! I hope his wrong, cause theres no way i can afford that.

Anyone know where i can get ticket prices, since tickets go on sale on monday ???


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and nikki says they arnet doing it for the money, pfffffft

this is from classic rock mag in april

"When you see Lennox Lewis get get 14 million dollars for a fight, do you say he's doing it for the money? Of course not. He wants to kill his opponent. That's me. I'd do this shit for free"

yeah right

as for the tour, itd be awesome to see, but id be lucky if i knew anyone that would be willing to go to a MC show, who knows.

the prices shouldnt be anymore than $100 thats for sure

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