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right i've just had my first taste of nightwish on a free metalhammer cd and it kicks ass, stands out so much. thought the vocal work is genious, almost operatic. so who likes em and does anyone have an album they would recommend to me, if they have more than one that is?

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Yes they have more then one album :D

I would recommend oceanborn, or maybe the live album 'from wishes to eternity' that is maybe the best IMO I got all their albums

It's not just almost operatic it is operatic, Tarja is fully educated sophrano.

Nightwish is my girfriends favorite band by the way (she sings opera too)

most of the people in the band were 16-18 year olds when they hit back in the 90's

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Nightwish are amazing. Oceanborn is their swansong. Tarja is a trained opera singer. Music is similar to Helloween with more keys----

nightwish and hello?? mmm i dont think so

Both good...like Helloween better

I have Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, From wishes to Eternity, Over the Hills and Far Away, and Century Child

Her voice is so goddamn beautifull!

What else can I say? ermm I love Nemo (video+music) and....best cd? ermmm Oceanborn

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