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Anyone here a fan of Exodus, I love Exodus. I've been to their forum and theirs a lot of metal love there, all 'bonded by blood'.

Exodus is about to go into the studio and create a metal masterpiece thats going to be off the walls in your face ass woopin killer shit. It will rule. Here's a statement from the site.

"Just letting everyone know we are hitting the studio June 4th and all systems are go! In only nine rehearsals Paul has all the songs down and everything is crushing! We are recording at Trident studios in Pacheco Ca. and the record will then be mixed by the man himself, Andy Sneap. I'm fired up and ready to get started! The riffs are crazy heavy, Paul's feet are 'a flying( yeah, I know, last time I mentioned Pauls feet it turned into a big " this guys feet are the fastest" sort of thing. Yes, I have heard the other guys mentioned, and yes, they are fast as fuck. Forgive me for being a bit excited!) and I will post updates from the studio on a regular basis. It's pretty remarkable that we are hitting the studio in such a short time after Tom's illness( He's feeling better, by the way) but right now I don't feel there is anything that can stop us . You have no idea what you are in for with this new record."


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Here's an interesting fact about Exodus, Kirk Hammett was their guitarist.

Yep, Kirk liked the band UFO and wanted a cover band or a band to jam with, him and Tom Hunting(drums) formed it and then more came and Exodus was born.

Bonded By Blood!!!!

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