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Out of Exile vs Contraband


Which do you like best? Based on whatever.  

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I choose Out of Exile, I think it has a better mix of music and I love the guy's solos. The band really clicks. This is probably an unfair poll since Audioslave actually sounds more like a band with their sophmore effort, but whatever.

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I think Chris sounds much better than Scott.

and Tom has some fucking amazing solos, some went for too long tho. i didnt really like slash's ones that much, a few were ok.

I liked Out of Exile better than Contraband, but i liked Audioslaves first album much more than their new one.

Out of Exile - Something new, taking a few more risks than their last album

Contraband - Scotts style just doesnt suit the Gunners boys much at all i dont think

i guess the same could be argued about the Rage boys, but i still think they mould together much better

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I don't know, it's a hard one, both albums are brilliant. I had too go with Out of Exile though, because I feel it's overall a better record. Hopefully VR will crush it with their next record.

I think both albums need a few listenings in order to know the songs, so don't write either of them off before you've listened to them a few times.

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I really like both albums but I think Out of Exile is a bit better, I got bored of Contraband fairly quickly.

I am a guitarist and I think both albums have some great riffs/solos on them but I think Slash take the crown with Slither and Fall To Pieces.

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