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AC/DC Vs Led Zeppelin


Which Band Do You Like Better?  

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This is a stupid poll.

You can't compare two bands like this.

Zeppelin are like, innovators. AC/DC are a no-frills rock band.

Sounds fair. :rolleyes:

Some people are just ignorant, I never said compare or contrast both bands, it's plain and simple all my polls WHICH BAND DO YOU LIKE BETTER, that's all!!

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AC/DC have approximately 150 songs that are all exactly the same.

Zeppelin have (a lot... I don't know how much) songs that go from straight blues to Morrocan and Indian stuff to early metal.

Zeppelin by far. They have songs to fit almost any mood, while AC/DC has songs to fit one mood.

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Buy the way, have any on you guys heard that old English radio show when they´re giving away a Harley Davidson? All you have to do is to call the show and spell AC/DC. This guy calls and the hosts are like:

- Congrats! So, just spell AC/DC!

- Well... ahum... ADCD...?

- Wtf? just spell AC/DC...!

- ADCD... ADDC... eeeh...

...and so on!

It's fucking holarious!!!

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For some reason I have a hatred for Led Zep. I absolutely hate all their songs that I have heard, and it annoys me when Stairway to Heaven is number in the best songs of all time rundowns.

This hatred may be a genetic inheritance as my parents don't like them either.

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