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Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live) - Tab it please?

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I see a lot of Knockin' On Heaven's Door guitar tabs, but never any for the live version (which I think can be better at times).

I was curious if anyone knew where I could find a live tab, or if someone wouldn't mind tabbin' it out.

This would be including the Only Women Bleed Intro, and then the part after Axl says "Ohhh give me some ringin'". And you could also improvise on the solos, or just use standards, I have some imrpovised solo that I downloaded, so post if anyone wants to try and tab it out, or somethin'.


Oh, here's a site that has lots of powertabs:

Power Tab Archive

And here's a site where you can download the power tab software:

Just right click, save as download software

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Well the main differences between the live version and studio version are the solos and the "ringing" part and I suggest you just have fun and improvise some solos, and the ringing part is just G,D,C in a different rythm, you'll figure it out. The intro is probably tabbed somewhere, I think I've seen it, you could search for the original but I dont know if Slash plays it exactly as the original

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