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Here at MYGNR I know we have a few Thrash metal fans, btu being awake this morning and not being able to think, all I can think of it krissirge. But if we have anyone else here, please say your name.

But to all my Thrash Metal Brethern, I have this message.

Thrash Metal is making a huge comeback.

For example, Exodus is in the studio write now, and if anyone knows Gary, look at what he said in their forum.

==>"Another update for ya!

Day four now and Paul has been pounding so hard it has to be heard to be believed! If you could hear what he's doing after just three weeks rehearsal and four days in the studio you would not think it possible. Simply amazing. Out of eleven songs he already has finished eight. I'm more stoked than ever because I know I get to start dialing in guitar tone real soon. Mabe I'm biased but I'm looking more forward to that than anything! For me at least that's when the fun begins.

Maybe soon I'll start giving out some song titles but for now you will just have to wait. They are there, I'm just holding out for now. This record, without any shadow of a doubt, will be the most pummeling thing we have ever done!"<==

Do you know how much this fucking rules! Fuck yeah!

Then there is this Thrash Metal Documentary "GET THRASHED" coming out.

Here's the website, be sure to check out the trailer, it SLAYS! :devil:


SLAYER: is also going to the studio soon.

ANTHRAX: is on their reunion tour which seriously fucking owns.

VENOM: (i know, their not thrash metal but prettttttty damn close [and of course black metal]) are in the studio, for which u can hear their demo anti-chhrist on their site.

so to all my THRASH METAL BROTHERS, bang your head and kill all!!!


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Megadeth is touring to,plus Mustaine said in a recent interwiev to Mtv.com that he didn't rule out new Megadeth material

Voivod will release a new album soon

SEPULTURA is on vacations right now. The guys decided to take a couple months to take care of their lives and then come back to get the DVD out and finish writing the new album.(from the official website)

to all thrash metal fans,i strongly suggest the first 2 Flotsam And Jetsam albums...underrated classics..new album in stores July 26, 2005

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