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Megadeth: Greatest Hits


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As some of you may know, Megadeth's Greatest Hits is coming out near the end of this Month.


These are the tracks to appear on it.


1. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

2. In My Darkest Hour

3. Peace Sells

4. Sweating Bullets

5. Angry Again

6. A Tout Le Monde

7. Trust

8. Kill The King

9. Symphony Of Destruction

10. Mechanix (2002 Remix)

11. Train Of Consequences

12. Wake Up Dead

13. Hangar 18

14. Dread And The Fugitive Mind

15. Skin O' My Teeth

16. She-Wolf

17. Prince Of Darkness

(TRT: 78:15)

Limited Edition Greatest Hits CD/DVD: DVD tracklist

1. "Kill The King" Mega-Mix video (New video, compiled from clips from Megadeth's top music videos)

2. 'Megadeth Live' intro screen / Prince Of Darkness

3. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

4. In My Darkest Hour

5. Hangar 18

6. Sweating Bullets

7. Symphony Of Destruction

8. Peace Sells

9. Preview for Arsenal Of Megadeth (forthcoming 2-DVD Megadeth release)

(TRT: 39:09)

Also, MEGADETH's new video for "Kill the King", taken from the group's upcoming "Greatest Hits: Back to the Start" collection, has been posted online. Check it out:

Windows Media Play 300 k


Real Media 300k


Quicktime 750 k



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