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Meat loaf


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What does everyone think of him? I think hes great, bat out of hell and bat out of hell 2 are probably 2 of my favoruite albums. They are so epic and well made. I know Jim Steinman is responcible for all the music and all meat loaf does is sing, but when you add the 2 together you have a recipe for sucess. I heard there making a bat out of hell 3:last at bat and thats made me very excited, so i was wondering what all of you think of him.

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I don't mind him but some of his songs just go on for years.

One night I was listening to a radio show and it was a live song of his. It must have lasted about 20 minutes, and this is on a radio show! Just when you think the songs about to end it starts up again and goes on for another 4 hours.

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I have seen him play live twice and both times one hell of a show.My big sis was a fan she was always playing Bat Out Of Hell.She got to meet him after one of his shows and he signed her Vinyl which she gave to me,saying it was released the year I was born.

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