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anyone know anything about talk boxes?

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there seems to be like 2 out there, the dunlop and the rocktron, know i know your all gonna tell me to get the dunlup cause slash has it, but does anyone know how you go about setting it up, its supposed to be somewhat complicated...do you need 2 amps?

as for the other one, its a rocktron and you only need one amp as far as i know and it works just like any other effect

input please

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There's also the Framptone.

It's made, obviously, by Peter Frampton, who is the king of the talk box. It's very good and I think relatively simple.


The real king of the talkbox is Jeff Beck, but he lost heart after he heard everybody praising Peter Frampton for "introducing" it into modern rock at the time. (Beck had been using one for years).

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