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The Essential Iron Maiden Cover Artwork Posted


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IRON MAIDEN fan site MaidenFans.com has uploaded the cover artwork for MAIDEN's forthcoming greatest hits album "The Essential Iron Maiden". Check it out at this location.


As expected, the cover doesn't feature an Eddie drawing, but a picture of the band, in line with other Sony/BMG "Essential" collections of greatest hits. The release is expected between July 7, according to the Sony Store, and July 12 according to the latest Sony press release.

"The Essential Iron Maiden" features some of the greatest heavy metal music ever recorded. IRON MAIDEN have had huge worldwide impact these past 25 years thanks to all-time classic albums like "Iron Maiden", "Killers", "The Number Of The Beast", "Piece Of Mind", "Powerslave", "Live After Death", "Somewhere In Time", "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son", "No Prayer For The Dying", "Fear Of The Dark", "The X Factor", "Virtual XI", "Brave New World", "Dance Of Death" and other live albums. Every studio album and lineup of IRON MAIDEN is represented here. The package also includes sleeve notes from noted journalist Lonn Friend. A sneak preview of the upcoming double live DVD and CD "Death On The Road" is provided thanks to the inclusion of "Iron Maiden" from this CD/DVD.

The songs on "The Essential Iron Maiden" are:

Disc One:

01. Paschendale

02. Rainmaker

03. The Wicker Man

04. Brave New World

05. Futureal

06. The Clansman

07. Sign Of The Cross

08. Man On The Edge

09. Be Quick Or Be Dead

10. Fear Of The Dark (Live)

11. Holy Smoke

12. Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter

13. The Clairvoyant

Disc Two:

01. The Evil That Men Do

02. Wasted Years

03. Heaven Can Wait

04. 2 Minutes To Midnight

05. Aces High

06. Flight Of Icarus

07. The Trooper

08. The Number Of The Beast

09. Run To The Hills

10. Wrathchild

11. Killers

12. Phantom Of The Opera

13. Running Free (Live)

14. Iron Maiden (Live)

IRON MAIDEN will be touring North America again this summer as co-headliners with BLACK SABBATH on Ozzfest 2005, the 10th anniversary of the enormously popular festival.


=>Personally I hate the album cover, WHERE'S EDDIE!!!!!



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Looks like the cover of Allman Brothers Band - Live at The Fillmore.

ARRRGH!!! that's the 2nd greatest hits in a row where they left out Hallowed Be Thy Name!! :fuckyou:  :fuckyou:  :fuckyou:


:o Seriously!? Well 'Best of the Beast' which was sorta a greatest hits abum had HBTN on it.

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Is that running free and Iron Maiden with Bruce?

I'm guessing so.

This is a pile of shit. If they want to rehash old material, at least make it Live albums. Not greatest hits, their last album was a greatest hits too (Edward The Great, which as moreblack pointed out did not have Hallowed on it)

They have a new live album out in August "Death on the Road" from the Dance of Death tour (it's a CD and DVD) so that's cool.

The artwork. Hey it's got Janick on it I'm not complaining! The reason for the shitty artwork, is the guy who drew all the Eddie's is like really ill, and has been for some time. That's why Dance of Death and Brave New World Eddie's are a pile of shit.

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Ha yeah, I love Jannick Gers. He really outdid himself with that song (Dance Of Death).

He really makes the grade in Bruce's Tattoed Millionaire album.

I can't wait for the live CD/DVD from the Death On The Road Tour, comming later this year.


We can only hope it features classic Janick moves, such as "kicking the cameraman while soloing" and "Punching Dave in the face while Adrian solos"

Edit: and hooking arms with another guitarist and doing a sort of can can move.

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Well, personally, I'm glad they finally have an album cover of the band. You don't know how many people I know are Iron Maiden fans and have about 5 of their albums and still don't know what the band members look like. <_< I'm just dissapointed that they could've been more creative for the album picture.

Also, I would've prefered Wildest Dreams, Montsegur or Dance of Death over Paschendale.

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