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See these guys right here...

that first song was completely stolen from me and i was the one that came up with that whole fucking riff and everything!!!

they were in my band and that was one of our songs that i thought up of, but then they were being all retarded and so we kicked em out and they stole our fucking song and made it theirs!!!!!!! :fuckyou::fuckyou::fuckyou::fuckyou:

And they have a gayass name too, so NEVER EVER LISTEN TO THEM :anger:

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im not pissed that they stole our "best" song(wich it is deffinatly not our best song)

im pissed that they would be a bunch of little bitches and steal our stuff. if they stole our best song you would see me on americas most wanted :anger:

so stop bashing the song i know its not that great, to be honest if a had to pick a song for them to steal it would be that one. but i still am pissed :fuckyou::fuckyou::fuckyou:

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2 Wicked insane guitarists embark to seek and destroy every terrible band with their insane music

Watch out, here come the... GIANT CRAYONS!!!





Didnt like the song...

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