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QOTSA and Oasis


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I just got both these records today. Can't decide which one is the best. Both have blown me away. That has never happened. Normally if I buy 2 cds one normally sucks. The Queens is so accesible compared to their other albums. The first three tracks on DBTT are storming.

"Little sister can't you find another way" rock3

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i havent heard the QOTSA album, but for some reason i couldnt really get into the new oasis album. I usually am able to get into all their albums, but this one,meh..............

a couple of tracks are really good, i like 1,4,5 and 11 the most, but the rest seriously seems like B sides to me, such a shame, especially since i heard it was their best since WTS(MG). But i think Be here now and heathen Chemistry were both better than this one. Who knows, it may grow on me.

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This is the first Oasis album I truly like. I sort of nodded my head to DM and MG but I wasn't think wow they did it. With this one after 3 songs I was thinking jesus where did this come from.

This gives me hope for GNR. Cos it shows if you wait long enough people get their mojo back. Ok Oasis lost it for a decade but this album doesnt song like a pastiche of their heroes or themselves. Which is what they've been doing since Morning Glory.

Track 5 is a mystery to me. How can it be so cool?

And QOTSA? Never doubted it wouldnt be amazing. It's a grower and rocks in a streamlined way. Funny NIN move towards rock, QOTSA move towards techno rock, well sort of.

Skin on Skin, now thats a dirty rock n roll song!!!

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Hello me it's me again, nice talking to myself.

In My Head is my favorite on new Queens. It's perfect. Got me head banging for the first time in ages. It has that epic sweep as well. God, I know you're not there, but thanks for rock n roll.

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They talk about perfect records but this new Oasis album is like a new Revolver by the Beatles the songwriting and production top notch. Turn Up The Sun, Mucky Fingers and Lyla are totally amazing, Importance of Being Idle is my favorite song at moment. The Meaning of Soul is also really refreshing. A Bell Will Ring is also classic. I don't how they did it. I bought Queens new record and Oasis as an after thought really basically it has this new format dual disc format. Cd one side DVD other. Well its new to me.

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