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Happy Birthday, Axl!


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AXL Happy Birthday!!!! I really wish you to have a PERFECT year, and hope you could be face to face again with all of us, your faithful fans from Argentina, and of course from the whole world!!! We love you, we hope YOU to give US a birthday present please!! CHINESE DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!! <<<I can't wait to buy it

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I know it's now the 6th but my band the Inner Edge just played a kick ass session, which i dedicated a cover of November Rain to him,

Just let him know if he reads this,

Thanx for the great music, and all the inspiration he has given to me and my band

Happy Birthday Axl, hope ya have a good 1


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I know i'm late, but this is the first chance i've had to be online so:

"Happy birthday to you

 Happy birthday to you

 Happy birthday dear Axl

 Happy birthday to you"

Happy 40th to the greatest frontman that ever lived:

W. Axl Rose

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