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Best drummer


Which drummer is the best?  

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they had to drive 6 inch nails into the stage and tie his kit to the ground because he was usch an intense drummer.

Plus he made drumming an art and a more active part of a band.

Kieth Moon invented a style that ALL drummers followed after him, He is the most influentual drummer without a doubt.

RIP Loon

BTW, Steve Adler..... You've got to be joking

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Dude, right this morning I was thinking how people who make this kind of poll only put their favourite drummers. Sheesh.

Anyway, I voted other. Keith Moon is the best.


Truth is is that I don't know many amazing drummers!

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I think John Bonham as he was the rock that held Zepplin together. Although i have just been to see Motley Crue on there Red White and Crue tour and was inpressed with Tommy Lee. When he is not acting like a child he really is very solid and puts 100% into his drumming.

Bring back the spinning set!

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That guy from def lepard deserves an honourable mention given his circumstances.


True. He's nothing special going by just his sound. But the fact that he drums with one arm is fricken incredible in my book.

And what is even more incredible is that the band never ditched him, but gave him a chance to redeem himself and let him stay in the band!

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