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GN'R Setlist


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If you could choose a setlist somewhere around 20 songs long for GN'R, what would your's be?  Mine would be...

1.  'Welcome to the Jungle'

2.  'It's So Easy'

3.  'Mr. Brownstone'

4.  'Garden of Eden'

5.  'Locomotive'

6.  'Live and Let Die'

7.  'Oh My God'

8.  'You Could Be Mine'

9.  'Rocket Queen'

10.  'Sweet Child O' Mine'

11.  'The Blues'

12.  'November Rain'

13.  'Intro to Chinese Democracy'/'Chinese Democracy'

14.  'Rhiad & the Bedouins'

15.  'My Michelle'

16.  'You're Crazy'

17.  'Out Ta Get Me'

18.  'Silk Worms'

19.  'Patience'

20.  'Madagascar

21.  'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'


21.  'Coma'

22.  'Paradise City'

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Having "Coma" played as an encore would just blow everyone away! Knowing that Paradice City is always the last song of a concert is always Paradice City, then the fans would know that they still have at least 20 minutes worth of GNR music left before the concert ends!!

Eric Romano


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  • 3 years later...

1. Welcome to the Jungle

2. Nightrain

3. It's So Easy

4. Yesterdays

5. One in a Million

6. Used to Love Her

7. Imagine/Patience

8. The Blues

9. Dust N' Bones

10. It's Alright/November Rain


11. My Michelle

12. Rocket Queen

13. Oh My God

14. Don't Cry (original)

15. Don't Damn Me

16. You Could Be Mine

17. Civil War

18. Knockin' on Heaven's Door

19. Estranged

20. Godfather Theme/Sweet Child O' Mine


21. Madagascar

22. Don't Cry (alternate)

23. Coma

24. Paradise City

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1. Out Ta Get Me

2. Oh My God

3. Chinese Democracy

4. Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads cover, just a hope!)

5. Live and Let Die

6. You Could Be Mine

7. November Rain

8. Silkworms

9. The Blues

10. Madagascar

11. IRS

12. Welcome to the Jungle

13. Breakdown

14. Paradise City

15. Rocket Queen

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