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Which band has the best fanbase in the world today


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Led Zeppelin damnit rock3


I would agree with you but when i think out of the number of fans that Zeppelin had compared to now, i'm not sure

on a side note i find it funny your sig is zep and your (is avatar???) is floyd on a gnr forum because my fav bands are

1. LZ

2. PF

3. GNR

just thought it was funny, i won't start stalking you.

anyway i have to agree with

Elvis, The Beatles, Jacko.


Elvis and The Beatle have all these old fans that will not listen to anything else

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Elvis, The Beatles, Jacko.


Agreed, although I'm not really sure about Jacko. Yeah, he still has many devoted fans, but it's not like before.

The Beatles will always have an enormous fanbase. Everyone loves them!

Elvis fans... now that's a fanbase! Elvis is the most impersonated person in the world. People from all walks of life dress up like The King. A few years back, the US Postal Service issued Elvis postage stamps. People bought these stamps and deliberately sent letters to invalid addresses just so that their letter come back marked "Return To Sender." Now that's devotion!

Another band that has yet to be mentioned is Metallica. They have a huge fan base.

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The Beatles.

They're loved around the world like a chocolate covered golden million dollar bill held by the top 10 world supermodels.

Ay, the similies are getting to me. :blink:


what's the point of having a golden million dollar bill? THERE'S NO SUCH THING :confused: uh...you should lay off the simile crack man

on topic...i agree with beatles...but ya gotta go with the endless caravan of parading hippies behind the tour for thirty years plus...there's nothing really like that for that long

zep is my favorite too rock3

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Nine Inch Nails.

Fans wait years between albums - and manage to push the album to number one the first week every time a new one is released. Many also follow the band around from city to city -- similar to the Grateful Dead following (which I think had the most dedicated fanbase).

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