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Easy solo for practice

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This is an original song (insturmental) composed by CHARGE as a tribute to Hendrix and Vaughn. Its got a pretty straight forward guitar solo, so I figured it'll help some people here for practice. IF you can play GNR songs on guitar, you should be able to play this solo on the fly otherwise, you've been using too much tabs. The Rhythm for this piece requires a lot more technical skills compared to the solo...

Anyway here's the description of the song taken from their website (its a free download)

"Written and recorded by former CHARGE guitarist Mark Cole, this is a tribute to two of the greats, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. This is a demo version likely to please fans of blues oriented rock."

Here's the hotlink for the mp3. (its a great song)

click here for the mp3

Enjoy people!

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