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Did anyone see Gwen's new video? (Cool)

Appetite 4 Axl

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Did anyone see Gwen's new video for "Cool" yet? Or hear the song?

I actually really didn't like that song, and I wasn't too happy when I heard that it was gonna be the next single, cuz first of all songs about her ex Tony (bassist) are overdone and I just didn't really like it. But the video made me fall in love with the song, its so pretty.. she shot it in Italy and its a really awesome video. Probably my second favorite of all her videos off of LAMB (Hollaback girl being #1).

So.. anyone? :D

(if you hate ND/Gwen/Lamb please don't post here)

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No Doubt is great,i just watched a documentary about them.

I dont like this solo stuff for her its just not right, and Hollaback Girl has to be the worst video ever. Sorry A4A :(


Yeah I don't know about the video, but the song is one of the worst songs ever.

ND has some good stuff. Btw. Their cover of Supicious Minds is great - check it out.

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i think she really sucks, i hate her

(if you hate ND/Gwen/Lamb please don't post here)

Aw, do you hate reading too?

Heh -- Nature of a forum. You see a topic about something you don't like and you feel inclined to post in it.

Like I did. :ph34r:

I can take No Doubt -- But her last single was a shocker. Haven't heard this one yet, so possibly an improvement?

I also feel compelled to write something about Bananananananananananakneeeees, because people were writing Bananas crap, I was listening to jungle and, well, it all just seemed to come together.


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