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Me playing "Wild Horses"

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ok, ok, ok... so its not great but i was bored and had had a lil too much Jack! so expect some sloppyness! I haven't played this song in a while and kinda re-discovered it whilst listening to the Tokyo bootlegs... i kinda did the playing off the top of my head as i didnt have any access to any tabs at the time :P oh and the only time i sing is in my shower or in my room!

so say what you want about it!

i personally think it could be LOADS better as my playing was hella sloppy but i still wanted to share.

its all good fun at the end of the day, :D haha

Wild Horses

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that was great, just like your cover of patience

are you sure you've only been playing for 2 years?

howd you get so good so fast


Cheers Rick and JezusDontSurf...

well as far as i can remember its been.... 2 years and, 4 months since i started learning guitar! And honestly i really don't think i'm that good at it, i have a few mates who haven't been playing that much longer than me and can really rip it up. But they're not into old school rock n roll, they're into like heavy metal, emo, hardcore and post-hardcore (whatever that means :huh: )

But none of em can play any GNR or slash's solos... ha!

Any suggestions of a track i could try?!

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