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Pearl Jam VS Aerosmith


Pearl Jam VS Aerosmith  

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I know alot of you people write of pearl jam as another garage rock bordering pop rock band which suck... Which is totally not true.... I dont want you to vote, if you've only heard like one song from pearl jam, and than automatically think "WALK THIS WAY, omg aerosmith owns everyone." Pearl jam have created some great albums, with great songs.

Personally, i enjoy to listen to pearl jam more, i think there much more consistent, and still havent sold out. Unlike our good friends at Aerosmith, how many lame pop rock songs do they wanna make ? I also think that pearl jam are on par if not better than aerosmith...

Dont get me wrong, i was into aerosmith listening to toys in the attic long before i was listening to any pearl jam songs. but since i bought their greatest hits, ive being blown away by pearl jam. Like all 33 songs are great songs.

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I have heard a few songs by Pearl Jam, mostly from the album ten, because one of my friends really likes them. I never liked them. Aerosmith on he other hands is probably my favourite band after GNR. Especially their older stuff, but I also like their new work. Therefore I voted Aerosmith.

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Aerosmith has been my favourite band since i was 14 (now i'm 22).

but about 3 years ago i discovered pearl jam's ten and i fell in love with it. After it i got vs, vitalogy, yield,... and today i own their hole discography. And i like them better everyday. I think their music and Ed's lyrics are just AMAZING. And the bootlegs that are around the web are just so coooool!

So it's a though one (great poll by the way! ;) ), even though Aero is still my fav band.

Guess what i picked! :D

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Aerosmith. Dont listen to their stuff later than like 1990. if youve only heard theyre new stuff, of course youll say their shit. Rocks and Toys are amazing albums, their first is allright too. Theyve had a few shaky ones, but those few make up for that.

I could only get into 10 from PJ. Great album, i got greatest hits too, thats very good.

Itll still be Aerosmith for me though

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I voted equally good, as they're both bands that I love to death. Been into Pearl Jam a lot longer, but a friend got me right into Aerosmith over the past couple of months.

Very tough choice, so yeah -- I voted equal.


You could have just said my name

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