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Favorite / Best Bob Dylan albums?


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Ok, I just got a shitload of Dylan albums (about 50 of them), and I need some advise on which to try first. So what are your favorite Dylan albums, and why? Which should I give a spin first?

Your advise is much appreciated :)

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How did you "just get" 50 albums? :lol: Oh i see, i see.....I think.

Anyway. I'd personally recommend starting with "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Blonde On Blonde". Then "The Times Are A'Changin". Those are the only ones I've actually heard. My personal favourite is "Highway" but I haven't actually heard any of them for a while.

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Guest gnr>everything
Blood On The Tracks and Desire are my two favorite also Highway 51 revisited.


yeah that would be Highway 61 Revisited


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another side of bob dylan

freewheelin' bob dylan

times they are a changin

blood on the tracks

nashville skyline (HE SINGS!)

new morning

love and theft

highway 61

of course listen to the original cover album Bob Dylan (the only original song was the thanks to woodie gutherie)

whatever you do...don't listen to self portrait...if you make it through the entire thing in one sitting without shitting yourself...count yourself as one of the few and proud(?)

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