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A Flock Of Seagulls


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So tonight I am going to see A Flock Of Seaguls (with their #1 Smash hit "I Ran" :lol: )

Anyways the opening act is S.I.N.

The name sounds framiliar... anyone heard of them? If so do you have a link to their site... since google is not helping....

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where are they playing?

they're pretty good like, wishing is a favourite of mine.

my dad used to know frank the bass player, he now owns a newsagents in the city center, probably not any more though if flock of seagulls are gigging.

the newsagents is on the same street the video for 'relax' by frankie goes to hollywood was filmed, i think.

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rock3 Oh man I had a killer time!

the opening act SIN was a cover band and played all sorts of songs from the 80s and 90s. They played some billy idol, gnr etc. I was very impressed

Then came AFOS!! oh man I was never real a fan before this but I had a killer time!! I recorded songs on my cell phone but they didn't turn out. :( I was dancing pretty much the whole time! :D yes they played I Ran.

the members are slightly different though.

the bassist is now Robbie Hanson (I am pretty sure)

there were some like 20 year old girls (or older I am not sure) going crazy over him. He threw them a pick but they missed and some random guy gave it to me (picture will come later)


And before hand there were all older guys asking me to dance... I swear one guy was 40 :scared:


wooooooooooooo :P

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I am pretty sure they did that song (not sure I'll try to listen to that song and remember if it was played :lol: )

(I was not a big fan in thie first place so I went only knowing "I Ran". I have to take back all the time I have made fun of this band.... unfortunatly their one big hit overshadowed some pretty good songs)

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