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Rock legends PINK FLOYD have refused to make a comeback - despite the success of their one-off reunion for Saturday's (02JUL05) star-studded London Live 8 concert.

The band - ROGER WATERS, DAVE GILMOUR, NICK MASON and RICHARD WRIGHT - reunited for their first performance in 24 years, and thrilled fans by playing four hit tracks including MONEY and WISH YOU WERE HERE.

But the foursome insist they will never perform together again, because they are too old.

Mason said, "Why did we reform? It's a damn good way of spending a weekend."

But when asked if the reunion was a once-in-a-lifetime event, Gilmour replied, "Yes."

source: http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.ns...make%20comeback

There goes our hope :( .

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A one off concert will leave a greater reminder than a tour. If you do things more than once things just don't seem as special. That one off gig will be remembered for a long time, a comeback tour 'could' be a failure.


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Reunion tours are almost always about money----Pink Floyd would never do it for the money. I just still can't believe they played after 25 years of feuding. Never thought in a million years I'd see the day. Thanks Sir Bob. I think Roger owed him a favor since he put Bob through hell when he played Pink in the Wall. I read Bobs autobiography years ago and it was not a good experience for him to say the least.

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I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, but I'm not disappointed. I think Gilmour has said in interviews before that he doesn't want to be on the road much more, and there would probalby be a lot of strain on the band.

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Personally i dont think its a very bad thing, they can now never be remembered for anything bad. They went out with a BANG rather than a dissapointment. Although the reuinioun tour could have and would have been MASSIVE, there doing things there way and i respect that.

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Meh tis a lame excuse to call themselves too old.

What they need is a late-life crisis.

Get them on the road again, goddamit.

I think i might go off and cry now

Seeing Floyd in concert would of been one of the greatest moments of my life, but alas they never will now.

At least we got Live 8


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They are old, the photos show that, but they're music is not... it is timeless... and their performance is flawless.

All the members do a couple shows a year pretty much.... Gilmour and Waters have even done decent-sized tours recently.

I think that they should do a mini-tour here and there, or a couple one-offs each year. Give people SOME chance.

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