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Ok i like all different kinds of music so i'm a 7 but what are you? I assumed that most people like rock so that's what i focused on, also if you wish to pick a few of them just put all the number that you like eg if you like Rock, Punk and Metal put 1 and 2, easy

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I'm more of a progressive style of music person.

I love all progressive bands of the 70's and of course all the classic rock from then too.

I like some 80's stuff, not much though.

I love Blues.

And of course i like to listern to real heavy metal (ie: Black Sabbath) alot.

Basically i like all music besides Rap, Hip-Hop, Nu-Punk/Metal, Pop.

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Rap, Rock, Soul, RnB, Blues, Cuban Music, Chill-out Music


Dude, you're bad ass! I don't listen to Cuban Music but im surrounded by them. So the music rubs off on me :P I live in Miami. What else would you expect? :D

Null vote. I float around from genre to genre. Almost same as good 'ol Spoon here :)

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