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Muse, wow i've known and listerned to them for about 3 years or more and i abosolutely love them. The get better and better the more i listern to them. In my opinion they are the best band around these days, and are certainly one of the most talented.

Who else likes Muse?

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oh!I love them......Matthew has fucking amazing voice!!!

...and sure they are one of the best bands around these days...and really talented!


Hahaha yeah he has a kick arse voice, my girlfriend is in love with him, i'm sure his singing turns her on lol :lol:

Listerning to Hysteria atm, geez that has the most kick arse Bassline ever.

They make ALOT of noise for only 3 guys.

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Yeah theyre fucking amazing, especially live. Such a class band and generally under rated in a lot of ways.

But thats good, theyre still sucessful and kick ass yet the mainstream dicks tend to stay away from them. B)


I was really impressed by them live.Absolution is one album I own many copies off.I just can't get enough of it.I know alot of people hate them without even giving them a chance.

They just get better and better...

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Matt is a modern day legend, he plays ace guitar and piano too, gotta love the effect he does in Citizen Erased, one of my favourite Muse songs ;)

more importantly ya gotta love Matt Bellamy's amazing range. He also has one of those voices that really give you goosebumps when you hear it. It's like raw and full of emotion, poignant and intense. He really brings out the true intensity in each beautifully constructed song. I also love the fact that most of their songs are in a strong minor key which gives an aura of mystery too them, I just love that! Goosebumps! Goosebumps! :P

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