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Favorite rap artist?

Almost Famous

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Well,I really find hit hard to call Run DMC a rap artist(compared to todays standards)but we use to play their song "Rockbox" in my group back in the 80s,we also listened to the Rock the Bells,Dear Evette,and Can't Live Without my Radio man himself,LL Cool J.(sometimes in the car,down the beach (Ft. Lauderdale,FL strip)

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Personally i can't stand American Rap it shits me to tears, maybe its the accent i dont know, i just dont like it.


I don't mind local Australian Rap and Hip Hop, i respect them, and quite frankly its hard to avoid them on the radio.

The goods ones are:

Hilltop Hoods (actully these guys are really cool)

Resin Dogs


And heaps other, just listern to Triple J lol.

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Urgh I hate rap! But I will sorta say Will Smith cuz Fresh Prince of Bel Air is catchy and I can sing it :lol: Eminem is ok sometimes. He has a unique sound which not many rappers have! Hence why I hate them. Oh and I guess shaggy was ok at times as well lol. It wazzzn me ;) I loved that song

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