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making GIFs


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from: A Shitload Of More GIFs!!

Movi Gear (took the link from batmans pst)

Download the shit...  then just insert frames. GET IT?


ok i got that now.

but how do you get frames from my saved video files??? <_<


you go into media player and pess ctrl+i to take picture's and you can change there format to gif buy editing them in paint

good day sir :P


i need help with these

when i copy the screen ( ctrl+i or cltr+c+printscreen) then paste it into paint, it doesnt work right (if i save it then open it, its not there anymore). Basically i cant save screenshots, can anyone help me?

thanx alot!

no one seemed to reply when i posted the same question in "A Shitload Of More GIFs!!" so i thought i'd post it here so maybe i can get some help

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good luck.

If there's a way somehow to save the screen using the media player, then it should work. Using Ctrl+PrintScreen and then trying to paste them in Paint shouldn't work. Instead, use some other program like Cyberlink's PowerDVD which has an option to capture the screen. I don't tend to use Media Player so I don't know if there's a function to capture the screen. Regardless, :book:

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