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Favourite Band of all time?


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Guns N' Roses - No other music has the same emotional effect on me


wat do you feel when you hear GNR?

with me GNR and metallica are my hero's.

When i hear thier songs no matter where i am , in the car, at a party, and my friends house... my eyes close and i just zone out.. sometimes i cant help it... depends on what sate of mind i am in..

but yeah im sure i look like an idiot but because i play the drums, and used to jam on weekend i think i feel the music on a deeper level than someone that doesnt play a musical instrument..

BUT there are some hard core fans out there and i am definatly one of them...

music is my life..

i live my life to the rythm and beat of thier music and now there is no turning back for me.

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what songs does canabal corpse sing? i have herd of them but cannot think of wat they sing... help ? :blink:


examples:Fucked With A Knife

Hammer Smashed Face

Entrails Ripped From A Virgins Cunt

Hatched To The Dead

Meat Hook Sodomy

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more black: u want me to describe why the sex pistols r the greatest rock n roll band in the world ever? I could really go on for millenia on that subject but simply put they're the most orignal, thought-provoking, relevant, defiant, decisive, honest, passionate, intense musical attack that i ever knew...they're the most controversial band too, the most influential, changed like....god knows how many facets of popular culture, total trailblazers...fresh new and relevant and a total relief from bands like Yes, ELP, Uriah Heep, Gong, The Small Faces, and other bands that im gonna refrain from mentioning cuz its just gonna turn this whole thing into a replica of a thread i started before that got locked lol

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