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Nirvana VS foo Fighters

Izzy's Girl


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Which group does everyone prefer? Seeing as everyone thinks nirvana is overrated I'm guessing I know what the majortiy will do. Null vote they suck! :P

well not for me anyway lol.

Dave Grohl is awesome but I am not really into Foo Fighters music as much as I liked Nirvana's. Nirvana have that more grungy and eccentricly sombre style to their music, I also prefer the uniqueness in Kurts voice. I liked how his voice had that effect of breaking to make it sound slightly eccentric which was cool. Grohl seems to just belt out his tunes so I think Nirvna is better on the whole.

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Nirvana all the way. I liked the first two Foo records, but after that they became incredibly bland and middle of the road. IMO, they're actually more overrated than Nirvana now.

And even the best FF material pales terribly next to In Utero & Nevermind.

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