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your funeral song?

Guest Riie

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I'd die of ODing and then have kickstart my heart an then the doctors would go duh, thanks Nikki! and then revive me and I would grab my guitar and rise up my coffin shredding the nightrain outro and then axl would go wow that's awesome want to be bucket's replacement? And I'd say yeh but you have to release chinese democracy and three other albums and hed say OK and they would all sell 500 million in the first day and go to numbers 1 2 3 and 4 and then wed go on world tour forever.


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I`m gonna committ suicide 3 weeks before cd actually comes out,then the government`s gonna force axl and gnr to play all of cd at my funeral,plus all of UYI 2(so much better than 1) and to piss off my mom i`ll have my girlfriend be the one moaning during "My world"

Oh and i`d have someone give axl a guitar and force him to play freebird on his own rock3  rock4


some people are just fucking obsessed

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I quess Don't cry isn't that bad.

Estranged is good song to die to

The blues. "All the love in the world couldn't save you, all the inicent inside"

It's allrigt. Axl version

Fuck It. There is gonna be a tribute concert for me when I pass away. That freddy thing will seem small in compar rock2

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Closer-Nine Inch Nails/ I want to fuck you like an animal :kiss:

Btw, i like axlander's plan



your funeral would be great, everybody packed in, then just

"you let me violate you, i want to feel you from the inside!"


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Guest Conga Fissure

The Torch & Oranges Epics

[ in order , o course ]

o1 3 DAYS . Jane's Addiction

o2 OH MY GOD . Axl Rose Party II


o4 THE FRAIL . N I N ; Dr. Reznor

o5 ESTRANGED . Guns N' Roses

o6 C O M A . Guns N' Roses

o7 18 . Moby

o8 SE ME PARO . Chingon

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