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The CHAT will be made available when it's READY.


I'm not making any promise datewise, the best way not to break a promise is not to make one. :)

I'll let everybody know when it's ready in the Support Forum.

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When the chat is opened I suggest a mod or the admins will post something about the java applet, because there will be problems when stupid people realize they dont have java and they bitch and moan about where to get the java.

Just a suggestion!

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  • 2 weeks later...
It's working great! Good job Eric, and thanks a lot! :D

Come on people, JOIN! ;)


Where is it & Is it working now? I'm lost and scared :scared:




Right there pal and it only works for supporters

sorry about the size i'm too lazy to make it small

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Aw cmon admins, normal users want the chat too!  :(


I don't think it'll be long. It's just making sure it's stable by letting a few people use it, if it is then we can open it to the other 12,000 members.


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