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Nothing Else Matter vs. Tears in Heaven

The Killing Hand

Nothing Else Matter vs. Tears in Heaven  

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Nothing Else Matters. Better guitar work, better vocals, better song.

Clapton is awesome but that song bores the tits off me. Yes I know the meaning behind the song so don't jump on my ass for saying it.

If you mean the version off of Claptons Unplugged album then that would probably win, but in the studio, Nothing Else Matters.

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I don't really like Tears in Heaven. It seems mediocre at best. For once I'd have to go with Metallica, and I hate those f***s.

Semi-off-subject, I think Clapton is a much better rhythm player than lead... most of his solos seem rather.... not emotional... just sort of run-of-the-mill. Every now and then he has a good one though. But his rhythm seems almost always good.

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Tears In heaven we all know written about his son Connor.(RIP)

Great song real heart felt.I do adore it...

I never thought i would see the day I prefer Metallica.Nothing Else Matters.It hits a nerve with me...

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Guest gnr>everything

thats nice to see you have some sympathy for a guy who lost his child...yet you find it horrible to not make friends with a girl who's a loser

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