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Gillian VS. the cow


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sorry for the language used.

Alright so tonight 3 friends and I hit the bar to see a concert. We ended up 3 rows back but that was fine we had perfect view. Part way through the opening act this lady starts pushing her way through trying to get to the very front claiming she knew people. I'd like to point out now that I may be small but I have a horrible attitude (one often to big for my size) so she is pushing through and I tell her to move. This lady is drunk, and with some patient convinceing i get her to move. This lady is in her 40's (as said by her) and proceeds to hit on all the guys (18 minimum to mid twenties) The guys seem uncomfortable but all to nice to say anything to the intoxicated lady. She is getting real rowdy and has been cut off by the bar but is managing to get people to buy her drinks. She is getting real out of control pushing people and making annoying comments (at this point i am getting really pissed) So long story cut off she can barely stand and has already pushed me to the ground once. She comes over and starts rubbing her boobs on me. I turn and was like "look lady youre fucking drunk and I am not your friend get you tits off me and fuck off. Noone wants you around. Youre a fucking annyoing drunk."

(not the smartest move since the lady is twice my size)

so now she is drunk holding a bottle of beer and right in my face. Her face is an inch from mine. She is going on about respecting elder and something about taking me outside and hurting me. The smart thing to do would be just to walk away. I don't want to give my spot away though. SO i am right there back in her face telling her to fuck off. Funny thing is she could snap me like twig but i stand ground and she backs off and leaves...now she is trying to seduce this guy (looks about my age) and the security finally tell her to back off. Anyways I got her kicked out of the bar btt she got back in or something (its about 1:00) blah needless to say drunk bitchy people make shows less fun.

anyway I was at the david usher concert... which was amazing :D He is incredible live!

I doubt anyone here knows who that is or likes him... damn i wish bono still on this forum to contribute to the david usher "fan base" here lol edit: his last activated time was 16th July 2005 ... i forgot he could read these posts... so i'll rephrase that.... i wish he could respond

so the real point of this thread was to talk about david usher but i ranted alot?

any other fans here??

(i'd laugh if she was on this forum :scared: )

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sounds fun!!  rock3 and i would laugh so hard if she was on this forum..


I'd fear for my life because sh could hunt me down and kill me. But she was real drunk... i wasn't the only one complaining... i was the only one brave enough to say anything. There was over 10 girls that were like I got your back. :lol:

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When I first joined the forum Bono showed me who David Usher was. His music is pretty cool.


yeah the show was 20 times better then any of his music videos

Bono was supposed to be at the concert oo... i have no clue what he looks like so i probably walked by him a million times and never realized it. :lol:

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You are my hero!!!!  Damn druckards piss me off...

:heart: Gillian!


haha thanks.. i may have stood up for myself but I was scared shitless and still am :lol: . She could have squished me like a bug :blink:

edit: I'd like to point out i am proud of myself.. being small i always get pushed around! no more!! :P:lol:

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