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"That's a funny story about how we got to this name. It started as Come Shot, then cumshot, then for some reason turned into COMShot, then eventually there was an off-shoot band called Comshit - featuring our sisters!!! But I don't have a sister. D's sister is hot tho." - Dunc, press conference, Idaho Weed Convention.

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"In the end, the name Comshot does not allude to the "come shot" in a porn movie. It is derived from this but... Actually I feel it is more like Com in www.website.com or Company. Or even Com-munism. There was a this passable rap metal band called Gunshot once. This, plus Aerosmith coming up with a new word for their band, inspired me to settle on the of Comshot as an umbrella for my creative output. Also, we get lots of hits on Google from like minded sad bastards surfing the information highway for porn. Some of our biggest fans are porn addicts. Just ask Michael Douglas." - Dunc, LA.

"Comshot Rules." - Michael Douglas, porn addict.

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Also, when the Beatles came out The Beat poets were the anti-christ of the day. The Beatles were rebellion on a huge scale.

"Porn is the new Rock n Roll." - Dunc, suicide watch, Broadmoore Prison for the Terminally Ignorant.

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