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Promise me one thing kids...


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... that you'll never waste your money going to a Meatloaf concert.

I went to see Meatloaf play live last night ( I know you're all thinking WHY??!! but it's a long story.....).

Anyway, I thought that he'd be pretty good live.

It was absolutely crap. I could barely hear him - he lumbered up and down the stage like the walking dead and was completely un-entertaining. Mr Toffs and I could easily hold a conversation throughout the gig (and we were up near the stage) and my ears weren't ringing at all - so it just wasn't loud enough!

And it that wasn't enough - there were people stood in the front row of the gig wearing white suits, completely comfortably dancing like spackers - and they didn't get kicked in the face once....

It just wasn't rock n roll, I'm afraid. I was hoping despite myself that it might be - but it was very disappointing.

Meatloaf owes me £80.

Learn from my mistake - don't ever pay to watch Meaty, he just aint worth it!

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£80!?!? :blink:

That's a bit much for ANY concert!


Well, it was at an event in my home city called "The summer pops" - where they erect a huge Marquee thing and hold concerts there, and they are really expensive. It was a special occasion you see - and it would've been a nice event to go to if the act wasn't so shite!!

Anyway, I must admit - Meatloaf owes Mr Toffs £80 cause he bought the tickets! :lol:

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That's a shame. I thought Meatloaf was known for putting good shows. They are usually pretty theatrical. I would have been cool to see him do "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" but not if he was performing as poorly as you say.

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