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Nirvana Anthology


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it's more dangerous. There was a thread about how over rated Nirvana are so when I was in the record shop I saw this and thought why not? Can always sell it if it sucks. But lo and behold it doesnt suck, it's possible the best double album I ever heard. I really like Incesticide so this album is so perfect. It's raw but some of it is amazing.

What this collection of songs hightlights is the immense talent this band had. Was it Kurt or the chemistry of the band? Sometimes anthologies or rarities sets sort of show how the band had nothing but those albums. But this shows how sloppy and careless Nirvana were about their material. They have some many lost tracks its funny.

In 92 they recorded almost an album of songs, or at least a mini album of unreleased tracks.

Highlights for me are:

Ain't it a Shame - hilarious sounds like a cover but not sure who of.

Mrs Butterworth - totally rocking on a Sabbath tip.

Beans - totally throw away but essential.

Blandest - best nirvana song I heard. "the situation wasnt quite as intense as i thought"

They Hung him on a Cross - another cover? oh the irony...

thats off disc one only...


I enjoyed the acoustic set at the beginning but it wasnt until

VerseChorusVerse and Old Age that I could see another Nirvana album on the horizon.

These tied to some of the stuff on side 1 could make up a great A side of an abum.

What really blew me away was the run from Nameless endless to TeenSpirit.

Oh the Guilt


Return of the Rat (best track on this album)

But this is just the highlights. There are alt versions of all the nirvana songs.

I don't know why normally these rareities things leave me cold or bored. But this one sort of freshened up old songs and showed how much talent this guy had. His music was always raw and from the heart. The bitterness and vengence to be experienced on Return of the Rat. Nirvana could seriously rock. I'm surprised any of them are still alive.

"One day when I was lost/They hung him on a cross"

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the hung him on a cross thing is taken from a song by Leadbelly, an old blues guitarist which is called "he never said a mumblin' word" the songs about jesus christ. "he never said a mumblin' word for me, one day when all was lost they hung him on a cross, he hung his head died for me"

but i agree, nirvana rule...based on passion, intensity and honesty

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Also I wasnt a die hard fan so I didnt buy singles or anything. I had bleach and nevermind and incesticide on tape. So B sides are new to me.

Even in his youth is good one as well.

I used to have The money will roll right in covered by Nirvana that is so rocking I nearly threw my computer out the window

when u give nirvana some volume there songs blow your head off

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