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Here is my problem!

3 of us have started a 70's/80's hard rock band (Led Zep, motorhead, GnR, Crue..) Bass, guitars...and me. I play guitar but i want to play lead but the lead guitarist is better than me. But...i also sing. I can sing like all of GnR's songs and i have a pretty decent Axl voice but ive only been singing for 5 months and my voice is pretty weak. And somedays i just cant be arsed singin like if im tired or not

So what shall i do???!!! i wanna sing cos frontmen where im from are either Emo or just crap but there are sumdays were i have 2nd thoughts about singin an wanna play guitar. Thanks ppl

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Well you should pick one or the other. Bands are so much better when they have a frontman not playing guitar. If you can't choose look for a singer or guitarist and if you find one, do the other role.

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yeah, i think i'd rather be a frontman but i think im just havin some probs with my confidence


Thats what I was like when I became my bands frontman. The more gigs you play, the more confident you'll get and if the musics good, it doesn't matter if you dance like a weirdo. Everybody loves a showman.

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