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As its really hard to help fix a problem without being at my pc i will give as much detail as i can.

When i try to install nero6 tp my pc, it get about half way through the instalation then tells me that a previous version exists, yet when i check programmes and programme remover it is not listed so i cant install the new version i have, so any advice would be good.

I recently installed in code virus detector 1.0 which may have no bearing on my next problem.

Itry to connect my xerox scanner, i get told the scanner cannot be found aswell as the software, i try to install the software only to get a messege that say......... an uninstall shield is preventing this software from completing please close and start again, ive tried to do it ten times but i get the same message. When i go to programmes i have paper port which i thought was the software for my scanner.Ive checked the scanner to make sure its not locked.

Thanx in advance for any help guys as im pulling my hair out ;)

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