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GNR suveneirs that you have


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i was just wondering what stuff people have that involve gnr??

and i know this probably has been done before but bare with me on this im just interested...

1. personally i have a gnr shirt with axl on it then on the back it say guns n' roses in big letters

2. i have all there cd's

3. i ahve the welcome to the videos dvd

4. a light swith cover that say GNR

5. a bunch of posters


i got in the past month

6. GNR denim jacket

7. GNR shorts

8. Playing cards


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all the CDS

2 t shirts

UYI world tour dvds part 1 and 2

sex drugs and rock and roll dvd

riot gig dvd

welcome to the videos dvd

making of the videos - november rain and dont cry

the history of guns n roses - i recorded this 1

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I have:

All the CD's

A GNR poster from London 2002

A video of the Paris gig in 1992

Use Your Illusion 1 DVD

CD from Rock in Rio 2001

T-shirt with Axl on the front and Paradise City on the back

Ticket stub from London 2002

Video of Welcom to the Videos

And the creme de la creme:

A t-shirt with the second verse of Civil War printed on the front and Civil War on

the back, the coolest thing I've ever bought!

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I have the cd's (and cassette)



uyi I

uyi II


a book of quotes from the original band

5 GNR comic books

a couple of patches that came with the uyi cd's

a couple of ticket stubs from the original band

and a big black and white wall flag of the original band

a couple of concert shirts

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1 - All the cd's

2 - T-shirts from 1987 - 1996 ( the Appetite one is great. On the front you have the robot and the monster and on the back the raped girl with the text Guns N' Roses was here)

3 - Welcome to the jungle on vinyl single

4 - The cd box Destruction,Lies road to Illusion

5 - Posters

6 - Making of video's from Don't cry and Estranged

7 - Garden of Eden video (3 songs: Garden of Eden,Dead horse and Yesterdays)

8 - Use your illusion 1 and 2 video's ( Tokyo 1992 )

9 - About 80 bootlegs ( + some dvd's )

10 - Some 1987-1991 postcards. The pictures on the postcards are from Live like a suicide, Appetite for destruction, live at The Marque 1987 and Live in Nottingham 1987and 10 postcards with band photo's.

11 - Some biography books and the Robert John picture book.

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I have all their cd's and cassettes. I have both versions of Gnr Lies,look on the cover you'll know what I am talking about. I have Lies on vinyl. I have 3 GNR shirts(Appetite For Destruction cover shirt, the original logo, and Use Your Illusion 1). I have this framed picture of Guns N Roses sitting under the GNR sign. I had a poster but i gave that away.

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I have a bunch of GN'R tees (Tour tees, rare tees, hot topic tees)

All the albumbs (afd, lies, UYI1 and 2 Spaghetti)

Yesterdays, LALD, CD singles

Whole Lotta Boots

A necklace

Welcome to the Videos (DVD, VHS)

UYI1 and 2 (VHS, DVD)

Makin the F*ckin videos

A GN'R Guitar tab book

A Big GN'R Book forgot who it is by.

the band That time forgot

interview disc / mini booklet

Toledo Ohio Video

1988 Ritz/ RIR 2 all on one video!

Oh yeah..... and a bunch a bunch of posters!

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1. Welcome to the Videos

2.Use your illusion 1 DVD

3.Use your illusion 2 DVD

4.Appetite for destruction

5.Use your illusion 1 & 2

6. Some poster like thing thats made out of wood or maybe glass or something with the GnR logo on it

7. Another poster like thing thats made out of wood or maybe glass with like GnR articles and pictures all over it, that's supposidly rare and over ten years old.

8.GnR t-shirt

9.GnR wallet

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ive got

all official cds and and videos

most of the 7" singles

a couple of 12" vinyls [including live like a suicide & live from the jungle]

a few bootleg 12" [such as 44 calibre horticulture]

5 flags

a signed ticket from 2004 by matt sorum

gnr docklands 02 ticket stub

gnr milton keynes both nights ticket stubs[i never went to these shows]

lots of bootleg cds -[over 60 shows]

lots of bootleg videos/vcds/dvd

a few t.shirts

a gnr hat with the metal guns n roses logo on it like the one worn by axl during the illusion tour

lots of posters[including docklands 02 subway poster and another 02 subway poster]

magazines & books from the 90s


patches[ from all eras of gnr]

gnr lies pen [still in original packaging]

lots of badges

pewter badges[such as pritty tied up or the skull and tophat logo]

lots of postcards

gnr jigsaw

gnr mirror

gnr scarf

gnr keyrings

4 gnr comic books

gnr cup

gnr coaster

guitar tab books for all albums [also including duffs believe in me]

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